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Happy Father’s Day Jeremy

Posted on Jun 20, 2016 by | 0 comments

Jeremy and I got married 8 years ago this October. There are so many things you don’t consider before you get married. We would have never imagined one of our beautiful boys would be going through cancer for a first time, let alone a second. You of course don’t consider how your marriage will be strained and pushed to the limit, but also how it pulls you through.
That night 7+ weeks ago when we first got the news of Mac’s tumors, we were very emotional. The first thing I really said to Jeremy was, “I’m so glad I married you in the temple.” I took in that shocking information and I also realized how blessed I am to have Jeremy by my side. I realized that we’ll be a family forever so no matter what was coming, it would be ok. We’ve done this once before and I know what I can expect from him. He loves our boys so much. He’s so involved. He asks such good questions. We problem solve and bounce ideas off of each other. If there is one thing Jeremy is, he’s a great dad. Happy Father’s Day Jeremy. You are an incredible father.


Tomorrow is all of our appointments at Children’s. We have 4 of them, the first one at 10:30, the last one at 2:30. I’ll let you know what they say. Thank for the thoughts, prayers and love.

ps- I am expecting the wristbands in the mail any day now!

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