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He’s 14 months and walking!

Posted on May 26, 2014 by | 0 comments

Has it really been another month? Wow! Every time we go to an appointment for Mac I am reminded to give an update! So at least you know that will be every month! 🙂 Last week was Mac’s appointment and it went well. We went to the Children’s hospital south campus in Highlands Ranch which is closer to our house. It is a beautiful facility and having been through Mac’s treatment it makes me really grateful to have such a quality place so close to home! The only difference is that Mac isn’t familiar with the nurses and doctors there. After they drew his blood they still needed to do a full exam and Mac was NOT having it! He understood what was going on and he wanted out! His ANC was 2600 and he’s still cancer free! His white blood cell count is still low and not in normal range but that is to be expected. So we’ll go back in another month!

The best part of the last month was Mother’s Day. We didn’t do anything crazy but I couldn’t help but have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I am Mac’s mama. Every day with him is precious to me. Sometimes I want to stay up late at night just playing with him. I love watching him learn new things and interact with other kids. A special Mother’s Day gift to me was that Mac walked by himself for the first time! He loves going up the stairs but only wants to come down them like we do! Let’s see… what are Mac’s other tricks?! If you ask him what a cow says he puts his lips together and says “mmmm”. 🙂 He still loves Despicable Me 2 and we watch it in the car all the time! I like to sing with Mac and I sing to him every night before bed. Lately he’s been copying my face and opening his mouth pretending to sing but no noise comes out! Jeremy and I started crossfit and we are loving it! Mac loves coming too! He rocks out to the music and lifts the pvc pipes!

At the beginning of the month we made a trip to St. George to visit family and friends! It was such a fun time! Our niece, Gracie, got baptized and it was beautiful. Mac and Gracie became great buddies. We went up to the “man cave” where we rode side-by-sides, shot guns, and had to pee in the wilderness! Jeremy’s sister Amanda took family pictures of me, Jeremy and Mac! They were wonderful as usual! I LOVE when she takes our pictures! We also went up to Pine Valley to Jeremy’s parents cabin. We rode wiggle cars, and I learned how to ride a scooter! We got to see some of our best friends from college and it was awesome!


Cabin Fun


Gracie's baptism

Krisit's babes


mother's day

14 months





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